Greetings from Lemko Boxers
Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA!

We are a small hobby kennel that is striving to breed quality Boxers that are sound in body and
mind. Boxers that are good representations of what the breed standard calls for in type,
temperament and soundness. Actually we are not really a kennel, as all of the dogs that reside
here are house dogs, and my constant companions. They even like to share the bed with us!
Our Boxers compete succesfully in all venues: AKC conformation events, formal obedience,
agility, tracking and schutzhund.

I have loved the Boxer breed for as long as I can remember. During college, I spent all my free
time looking at different kennels and what they were producing, and studying the breed. Shortly
after graduating college I acquired my first dog, my first Boxer, my foundation bitch Tahiti
Sunrise, "Sunny." Sunny was to become an excellent producer for me, producing two AKC
Champions that were owner handled to their titles! She and I learned the ropes of the show
world, and she has and still does teach me a lot of things.

I still spend much of my free time studying the Boxer breed... I look at different websites,
read magazines and books, and love to chat Boxers with anyone who is willing to lend an ear. I
haven't limited my research to the USA, however, instead I have looked at the Boxer as a breed
throughout the world. I feel that by studying all Boxers, whether they are North American, UK
or Continental, that I can gain a much deeper understanding of the breed and what it should be.
Talking to Boxer breeders from different parts of the world can be fascinating, and if you are
willing to listen, you can learn something from everyone. I never want to be kennel blind, or
limited to what is locally available or influenced by any current fad, and instead feel their really
is only one  true boxer type, and that type is clearly spelled out in the breed standards across
the world.

I strive to breed a Boxer that combines the substance and power a working dog should have, but
also with elegance, style and that elusive nobility that only the best Boxers seem to possess. In
short I am breeding for what the standard truly calls for... A dog that is medium sized, square
built with good substance and elegance, along with the clean chisled Boxer head with it's broad
blunt muzzle, and alert intelligent expression that is so unique amongst the dog world. A lofty
goal for sure when there seems to be a trend for too much elegance and size here in the US
show ring, but we feel it necessary to breed for the correct type in order to breed a better

In my research of the different lines around the world, I have come to gain a deep appreciation
of the Boxers around the world for each area has it's strengths that can benefit the breed
elsewhere. I love the strong bone, short coupled backs and excellent cat-like feet the UK has to
offer... I love the elegance, short tight coats, and smoothness of the North American Boxers,
and I love the substance, clean chisled heads that have good rise of skull, and the wide powerful
muzzle and up swept chins of the best of the Continental lines.

I have imported the male CH Faerdorn Dust Buster, "Harley" from some of the Top Winning and
Top Producing lines in the UK to bring in some of the qualities I admire in the UK stock. My most
recent litter combined some of the most well known lines in the US with the Top Winning
European Boxer Int. WW Ch. Twinkle Star v. Eurozone to bring in some of the traits we admire
of the best Boxers in Europe. I feel that bringing in the best of the best from around the world
will help me with my goal of breeding for a better Boxer. The results of these breedings and
blending worldwide pedigrees can be seen on my website, and in the show ring here in the USA
and abroad!

Each litter here is carefully planned after many hours of research into all the different options
for stud dogs. I breed for Quality, and not Quantity... Therefore I do not breed often. Many
hours of research and extensive health testing go into each breeding, and puppies are the result
of breeding only Boxers that are healthy, and have good temperaments. I place both pet and
show/working prospect puppies in homes that are screened to ensure that each puppy ends up
with in an appropriate home for both the dog and the family involved. I like to stay in touch with
all the new families of the pups I sell, and am always available for advice to people who purchase
a puppy from me.

We feed all of our Boxers here a species appropriate diet of fresh raw meats, vegetables, and
fresh whole foods. Our puppies are weaned onto this diet as we feel it gives them the best
possible start in life! If you would like any info about what we feed and why, please don't
hesitate to contact us. We have helped many people start their dogs on a raw diet and a large
percentage of our puppies have been maintained on this diet once sold.

I could just go on and on about his wonderful breed I share my life with... I have met so many
nice people and breeders in the dog world and Boxer breeders from around the world that I
never would have known if it were not for my involovment in breeding and showing Boxers. To all
those who have helped me learn more about Boxers, dogs in general, breeding and showing,
Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have and check back often for
updates... If you have read this far, thank you for your time and please enjoy your visit.
I always love to talk Boxers, so feel free to contact me about myself and my kennel and this
wonderful breed the Boxer!

-Jessica Kozel-Lemist, Lemko Boxers
Jessica Kozel-Lemist with the beautiful and sweet
Int. WW Ch. Twinkle Star v. Eurozone,
"Maffy" in Ocala, FL