Ch. Pearlisle Standing-O For Bix-L SOM X Lemko's Euro Star DOM
DOB: 09-26-11
Vedi is from our 2011 litter co-bred with Jane Hamilburg-Guy of Salgray Boxers. He represents part of the third
generation for us here at Lemko Boxers. Vedi was owned by Jaimitt Henry of Lastell Boxers (India) and Lemko
Boxers for his show career. Vedi's name is an Indian word that means, "Firecracker," and boy has he lived up to
that name...

As a puppy, Vedi has surpassed all of our expecations and has taken the show ring by storm!!! He earned his
first 2 points from the 6-9 month class just before ABC... At ABC 2012: 2nd place Futurity class AND made all
of the cuts in 6-9 month fawn regular class!!! Shortly after, at just barely 10 months of age, Vedi won back to
back majors from the Bred By Exhibitor class on the Salem VA show circuit... He finished off by winning a
third major from Bred by, at just 12 months of age! What a breeders dream come true so show a promising
young puppy, and win so big from the BBE class! To top that off, he earned his Grand Champion title very
easily by the age of 15 months. Wow.
Vedi's Show Wins.... Exclusively Breeder Owner Handled!!!!
Date                Show                                                     Judge                           
07/21/12  ~ Pioneer Valley Kennel Club                     ~ Mrs. Linda Krukar         ~ 1st 6-9 month dog, Best of Winners ~ 2
05/2012   ~ American Boxer Club, Futurity               ~ Mrs. Bridget Brown        ~ 6-9 Month Fawn Dog, 2nd Place!!!!!
07/22.12  ~ Nita Nee Kennel Club                            ~ Mr. Paul Willhauck          ~1st BBE, Best of Winners ~ 1 Point
08/02/12  ~James River Kennel Club                        ~ P. Levi Marsman             ~1st BBE, Winners Dog ~ 3-POINT
08/03/12  ~Roanoke Kennel Club                             ~ Mr. Arley D. Hussin        ~1st BBE, Winners Dog ~ 3-POINT
08/24/12  ~Northwestern Connnecticut Kennel Club  ~ Paula Nykiel                    ~1st BBE, Best of Winners ~ 1 point  
08/30/12  ~Central Maine Kennel Club                      ~Dr. Louis G. Bond           ~1st BBE, Best of Winners ~ 1 Point
                                                                                                                   Best BBE, BBE Working Group One!!!!
08/31/12 ~ Central Maine Kennel Club                      ~Ruth Zimmerman             
~1st BBE, Best of Winners ~ 1 Point
10/20/12~ Albany Kennel Club                                 ~Mrs. Lois A. Sanford       ~1st BBE, Best of Winners ~ 3-POINT
                                                                                                                              NEW CHAMPION!!!                         
10/21/12 ~ Troy Kennel Club                                 ~ Ms. Marie Ann Falconer    ~ Select Dog ~2 points
11/17/12 ~ Chenango Valley Kennel Club                 ~ Larry Dosier                    ~ Select Dog ~ 4 point major!
01/05/13 ~ Merrimack Valley Kennel Club               ~ Mr Jim Owens                 ~ Best of Opposite Sex ~ 3 point major!
01/26/13 ~ Erie Kennel Club                                   ~ Ms Jaqueline Raynor        ~ Select Dog ~ 3 point major!
01/27/13 ~ Erie Kennel Club                                   ~ Harry Butch Schulman     ~ Best of Opposite Sex ~ 4 point major!
02/02/13 ~ Great Barrington Kennel Club                ~ Mrs Catherine Bell            ~ Select Dog ~ 1 point
02/03/13 ~ Great Barrington Kennel Club                ~ James R White                 ~ Select Dog ~ 2 points
03/23/12~ New Brunswisk Kennel Club                   ~Mr. RH Menaker              ~Best of Opposite Sex~ 4 point major!
03/24/12 ~ Bronx County Kennel Club                    ~ Mina Liisa Koltes             ~ Select Dog ~ 4 Point major!
Placing 2nd in his ABC Futurity class!!!
10 months old
6 months old competing at ABC 2012!
8 Weeks
13 Weeks
10 months old winning a 3-Point MAJOR
12 months old finshing with his third 3-Point MAJOR
17 months old
12 months old