Jumpingjack Kaiser Flash X Love My Madison
3-30-00-Oct 2015
2 yrs old
Sunny is my first boxer and show dog. Together we learned the in's and outs of the breed ring with some
success, and now we are focusing on competetive Obedience.  I can't say enough about Sunny's temperament!
She makes new friends wherever she goes and is a wonderful companion, always at my side. She has been used
at a doggy summer camp, and it always my most reliable dog that can be trusted with the youngest most timid
child, and she gets these kids to come out of their shells, as she does whatever they ask of her.
She's excellant with all dogs, and if a dog acts aggressive, her reaction is simply one to ignore them, and look at
me as if to ask, what's their problem?!

Sunny was the start of Lemko Boxers, and offers a smooth outline, lovely length and set on of neck, correct
angles, good substance, and smooth ground-covering movement.....
But, where she has really excelled for us has been in the whelping box where she has proven to be an
Out of her first litter by Ch. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat, SOM/LOM is our first homebred Champion,
Ch. Lemko's Rising Sun, "Amy"
and a pointed son,
Lemko's Sunburst, "Rusty"
And in her last litter to the top producer Am/Can. Ch. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM/LOM
she produced the exciting young male and the second Lemko Champion,
Ch. Zephyr And Lemko Turn Back Time, "Zorro"

Sunny has been an incredible foundation bitch for us to start with and her health, temperament and producing
ability has been just amazing. She lived an incredible 15 1/2 good years.
8 weeks
Sunny's health test results

Multiple clear 24 hour holters:
2 years- 0 pvc's
4years-  0 pvc's,
6 years-  7 single pvc's
10 years- 1 single pvc!!!

Echo/Dopplar- 1.5 m/s flow rate,
No murmer- Excellant!

Hips- OFA Fair BX2667F26F-PI

Thyroid- OFA Normal
TgAA Negative
3.5 years old
4 Yrs Old
Wearing her 2nd
Holter Monitor  at 4 yrs old
(Echo, holter, hips and thyroid
7 yrs old. When ya don't have a
3 yrs old
2 yrs old
Second litter at 4 yrs old
Third litter at 5 yrs old
Sunny picured at 10 years young wearing our holter vest.