Ch. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat SOM/LOM X Tahiti
Multiple 24hr Holter & Echo clear
   Rusty is a wonderful boxer boy.... He's sweet, loves to cuddle, and is the constant companion of my
mother. Needless to say he has a wonderful temperament, and is an easy dog to live with that is great with
all people, and children alike. As a puppy he was rarely defeated in the shows, and was even pointed from
the 6-9 month puppy class... He has a few major reserves, and loves to go to the shows and meet people.

Rusty is handsome dog with his beautiful dark expressive eyes and he catches many peoples attention with
his head and expression. He has a lovely head with dark correctly shaped, and placed dark eyes, a
powerful wide, deep muzzle, excellant pigmentation,  and a good bite. Rusty also has strong bone and
good substance, a short compact body, and a nice front.

We are very pleased to report that Rusty has been heart tested clear with excellent results on his echo and
several holters. As a stud dog, with limited breedings he has been proving himself to be a valuable one,
adding substance to his pups, and improving heads. We are very pleased with what he has produced so far.
Rusty is the sire of one Champion:

CH Salgray's Remington
Dam: Salgray's Tea For Two
Breeder: Jane Hamilburg-Guy and Victoria Guy
Owners:Jane Hamilburg-Guy and Victoria Guy and Janet Cushman
8 Weeks
6 Weeks
5 Weeks
Snoozin' at 12 Weeks Old
Headshot at 3yrs
Nearly 2 years
3 yrs old
3 yrs old above
2 yrs old
2 yrs old
Rusty's health test results:
24 Hour Holter-- 2 and 3 yrs 0pvc's, 7yrs 4 single pvc's
Echo 2yrs-- 1.5 flow rate, no murmur
Remy finished in short order with three majors, including back to back majors. Remy will be shown
as a special at the 2010 ABC National, and will be specialed in 2010 in the midwest.
Rusty pictured at 6 years of age