Custom Braided Kangaroo Leather Show Leads and Collars
Hand braided with care...

Our Kangaroo Leather show leads are top quality. Each one is tightly braided around a strong core for added strength and to minimize stretching. All beads are securely knotted into place to prevent sliding, and I braid under the beads. Some leads have what look like "knots" holding the beads in place, but they are just small strips of leather glued into the lead, and these can come apart after use allowing the beads to slide around. My leads have the beads knotted into place with the same continuous pieces of leather that makes up the whole lead... All of the knots and ends are welded. No short-cuts here!

Our show leads and collars are pre-conditioned before you receive them, so they will arrive, soft and supple and ready for use. There will be some stretching with use, but it should be minimal because of the pre-conditioning process and the core inside.

Leads can be custom made for you, just tell me what you want. I will work with you to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for! I can do loop leads or snap leads. At this time I only have whiskey or black leather.
All leads/collars will start at $1.25/inch. Custom beads can be added in, and they will be priced accordingly.

Let us know what we can do for you!
Custom Orders (These are all SOLD)
For Sale (Please email for info)
Click each one for a larger image!
Click each one for a larger image!
23" Black choke collar, silver rings- $28
23" Whiskey choke collar, brass rings- $28
36" Whiskey loop lead with ruby gems, tigers eye and brass flower beads- $45
36" Black loop lead with amber and green/flower beads and silver metal beads- $45
36" Black loop lead with white and green beads and silver metal beads- $45
41" Black loop lead with black/pink/silver beads and black metal flower beads- $51.25
42" Whiskey loop lead with white/purple beads and silver metal flower beads- $52.50