Harley was bred and imported from Faerdorn Kennels in England, and I am deeply grateful to Sue Harvey for sending this
wonderful boy to me!

Harley is a very smart boxer, with loads of personality... He is rarely without a toy in his mouth, always wanting to play.  Harley was imported
from the UK in hopes that his temperament, producing pedigree and the longevity of his ancestors would help strengthen the quality of my
boxers, and to add more diversity to the gene pool here in the United States.  One of Harley's greatest assets is his rock solid temperament. He
is confident, and I have no doubt he would protect me if the need arrises, yet he will roll onto the ground for any child to scratch his belly
making him great ambassador for the breed...  Just the sort of temperment I feel a boxer should have!
Harley offers a beautiful smooth, square outline, with a short back and a high tailset. He has solid, powerful bone, without being coarse, and
beautiful cat-like feet. He has a lovely arched neck that blends smoothly into his body, excellent pigment, and powerful depth and width of
muzzle... His pedigree includes
many relatives living into their double digits, and this was one of the biggest reasons that I purchased him.

-Harley's sire Ozzie lived 14 years and his dam lived 10+ years.
-Ozzie's sire Bundy lived to be a few days shy of 13yrs old, and Ozzie's dam Misty lived to 11 1/2years of age.
-Harley's double grandsire (on his dam's side) Spike lived to 14yrs of age!!!
Harley's pedigree combines some of the
UK's most Record Winning and Top-Producing boxers!

Harley's Sire: Eng Ch. Winuwuk Lust in The Dust
~Sire of Ch, CC and RCC Winners in the UK and overseas
~One of the top Boxer sires in the UK for the past several years
  ~Named one of the Top 10 Sires All-Breeds! 2006
~2006 Top Sire of the
Whole Working Group in the UK!!!

Harley doubles up on these two impressive boxers
Eng. Ch. Faerdorn Fineas Fogg                               Eng. Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist Of Winuwuk                                
                            ~British Boxer Club Sire of Merit                                                               ~UK Brindle Record Holder with 36 CC's &Runner Up to Breed Record Holder            
~Sire of 14 UK Champions/ 8 Overseas Champions                                                         ~Top Boxer Bitch 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996                 
~Top Sire, Dog World 1999                                                                                                    ~National Dog of the Year 1996             
            At the age of 13+ years old, this dog was still siring litters!                                                             ~Champion of Champions 1997 & 2000  
Eng. Ch. Winuwuk Lust in The Dust X Shiloh Time After Time at Cascorike
DOB: 9-5-03-Aug 2014
(Import UK)
Photo's above at nine weeks old  his first day here at Lemko Boxers
                                                      -- --Harley's Show Record----
Date                      Show                                        Judge                                  Result                                
3/13/04  ~  Connecticut River Working Group Assoc.      ~ Ms. Elizabeth Coviello-Davis   ~ BOS to Best in Sweeps *Show Debut*
4/10/04  ~  Providence County Kennel Club                     ~ Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth             ~ 6-9 Month Dog, 1st
4/17/04  ~  Pioneer Valley Kennel Club                             ~ Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter            ~ 6-9 Month Dog, 1st
5/02/04  ~
American Boxer Club, National Specialty ~ Mr. Tim Hutchings                   ~ 6-9 Month Brindle Dog, **1st**
5/22/04 ~  Middlesex Boxer Club, Inc, Specialty               ~ Mrs. Scott Rutherford              ~ Sweeps, Junior, 1st
                                                                                         ~ Mr. George E. Marquis             ~ 6-9 Month Dog, 1st
5/23/04  ~  Rhode Island Boxer Club, Inc, Specialty          ~  Ms. Medley Small                   ~ Sweeps, Junior, 1st
                                                                                         ~ Mrs. Sandy Orr                          ~ 6-9 Month Dog, 1st
5/29/04  ~  Ladies Dog Club, Inc.                                       ~ Mrs. Cathy De La Garza           ~ 6-9 Month Dog, 1st
5/30/94  ~  Framingham District Kennel Club                    ~ Mr. Lawrence J. Sinclair            ~
6-9 Month Dog, 1st, RWD
05/12/07 ~  Rio Grande Kennel Club                                  ~ Mr.  Bob Busby                        ~Open Brindle 1st, **Best Of Winners! *1 point*
05/25/07 ~Central Wyoming Kennel Club Inc                    ~ Mr Robert Stein                        ~ 1st Open Brindle, Reserve Winners
05/26/07 ~ Central Wyoming Kennel Club Inc                   ~Dr Roger S Pritchard                  ~
1st Open Brindle, Winners/Best of Winners! *1 Point*
09/23/07 ~ Helena Montana Kennel Club                          ~ Mr.Kenneth Buxton                   ~ 1st Open Brindle, Winners ! **5-Point Major!!!!!!**
04/18/08 ~Springfield Kennel Club                                    ~ Mr Hubert (Spike) Ogarek        ~ 1st Open Brindle,  Winners Dog! *1 point*
04/26/08 ~ South County Kennel Club                              ~ Mrs. Anitra Cuneo                     ~ 1st Open Brindle, Winners Dog, BOW, BOS! *1 point*
08/21/08 ~ Northewestern Connecticut Dog Club            ~ Mr. Fred G. Ferris                       ~ 1st Open Brindle, Reserve Winners
08/22/08 ~ Elm City Kennel Club                                     ~ Mrs. Louise O'Brien                    ~ 1st Open Brindle, Reserve Winners
08/24/08 ~ Great Barrington Kennel Club                         ~ Mrs. Ruth H.  Zimmerman         ~ 1st Open Brindle, Reserve Winners
05/25/09 ~New Castle Kennel Club                                  ~ Mr. Bradford C. Dunn                ~
1st Open Brindle, Winners Dog, BOW **3 point-major***
07/25/09 ~ Providence County Kennel Club                     ~ Mrs. Jean Fournier                      ~1st Open Brindle, Winners Dog, BOW *2 points*
09/27/09~ Westbury Kennel Association                          ~ Mrs. Jean Fournier                     ~1st Open Brindle, Winners Dog, BOW, BOS, 1 point-
                                                                                                                                                                   ****** NEW  CHAMPION!!!******
08/20/11~ Wachusett Kennel Club                                    ~ Mr. Joseph E. Gregory                ~Best Veteran
***Veteran Working Group 1****
10/11/11~ Connecticut Boxer Club (Regional Week)         ~ Mrs. Betty Mentzer-Cope         ~***Best Veteran Dog
03/03/12~ Connecticut River Working Group Assn          ~Mrs. Anita Clemente                    ~ Select Dog (2 point)
04/08/12~ Trap Falls Kennel Club                                     ~ Mrs. Marjorie Martorella            ~
Select Dog (3 points)
04/20/12~ Springfield Kennel Club                                    ~ Mrs. Jean Fournier                       ~ Select Dog (3 points)
05/10/12~ American Boxer Club National Specialty          ~Dr David Abraham                        ~ 3rd place, 8-10 Veteran Dog
05/12/12~ Chester Valley Kennel Club                             ~ Dr. Linda M Fowler                      ~ Best Veteran in Breed
05/13/12~ Lancaster Kennel Club                                     ~ Terry Stacy                                   ~ Best of Breed (2 point)
06/30/12~ Hockamock Kennel Club                                 ~ Ms Barbara A Finch                      ~ Select Dog (2 points)
04/06/13~ Troy Kennel Club                                             ~Ms. Helene Nietsch                        ~ Best of Opposite Sex (2 points)
04/06/13~ Trap Falls Kennel Club                                    ~Mr. Thomas Feneis                         ~ Best of Opposite Sex (2 points)
05/09/13~ American Boxer Club National Specialty        ~Ann Gilbert                                     ~
3rd place 8-10 year Veteran Dog
~Harley is multiple 24 hr Holter & Echo Clear, OFA Pre-Lim: Good
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Normal/Clear (N/N)
Hard Copies available upon request, see echo and holter results
Harley loves playing in the snow..... A lot!
In the Show Ring...
Harley's Photo Gallery...
5 Years Old
3 yrs old--- Free stack
4 yrs old
4 yrs old
3 yrs old
1 yr old
1 yr old
6 months old
5 months old
17 months old
5 months old
7 months old
2 yrs old
17 months old
1 yr old
Harley's Health Test Results

Multiple, clear 24-hour holters;
06/30/06- 2 single pvc's
11/18/06- 14 single pvc's
01/18/08- 0 pvc's
11/22/08- 12 single pvc's
8/11/09- 1 single pvc
04/06/10- 2 single pvc's
04/01/12- 0 pvc's!!!! (8.5 yrs old)

Echo normal twice;
2  yrs old- 1.8 flow rate
3  yrs old- 1.7 flow rate
Hips OFA Prelim- Good
DM- N/N (Normal)
TgAA Negative (03-10)
4 Years Old
4 yrs old
--Harley is on You Tube! Click here to see his video--
5 yrs old- Helping with the laundry!
Wanna play? Harley's favorite game! Harley's is 6 years old is the above series of
photos.., We think he looks pretty darn good for his age!!!
Six and a half years old... Working on his 6th clear holter!
As a stud dog, Harley has been consistently producing some lovely typey puppies.
~Click HERE to see some of Harley's Offspring~
8/20/11 Aged 7yrs 11 months
Winning the competetive Veteran Working Group!
Almost 8 Years Old
Almost 8 Years Old
Head study~  9 Years 5 Months Old
Aged 8yrs
Winning Best Veteran Dog at the 2011 Regional!!!!
Harley is a Sire Of Merit!
~The FIRST UK Bred Boxer to earn an American Grand Champion title~
Sire of 7 American Champions, 1 Canadian Champion
Sire of 2012 American Boxer Club's Grand Futurity Winner:
~Am/Can. GCH Jestic N Toprank's British Sterling~
8 Years Old
9 Years 5 Months