Boxer Breed
ARVC Survey
This is a volunteered information list of boxers that have been tested for the Arrhythmic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy-1 Mutation and have had at least one 24-hour Holter Monitor recording. The current database on the WSU website only lists a fraction of the boxers that have been tested for this genetic mutation, and there are no correlating holter results available for those dogs that are listed. I am hoping this survey offers some useful data for those who are interested in seeing the correlation of holter results and this genetic mutation.

The more dogs that are added to this list, the better! If you have a dog that you would like added to the list, please email the following information to:

-Dogs Name*
-Dogs Date of Birth
-ARVC Mutation-1 Status
-Holter Result(s)**
-ARVC Diagnosis***
-ARVC in Immediate Relatives****

* Please indicate if you would like your dogs name left anonymous. I would prefer to have names for my records so that there are no duplicate entries. Real names will absolutely be kept private, unless, this information is of interest to the researchers trying to find a cure for the disease. In this case the information would be shared directly with the researchers, but never to the public.
** Please include summary of holter (i.e. 0 pvcs) and date(s) recorded.
*** The dogs current status as determined by holter results and evaluation by canine cardiologists
**** Since the disease is transmitted via autosomnal dominant action, it is often found in families. Are sire/dam/siblings affected?
***** Any notes of interest i.e. parents are 13 years old, etc.

Thank you for participating!!!!   Its for the good of the wonderful boxer we all love!
Dogs Name DOB ARVC Mutation-1 Status Holter Result(s) Date(s) RecordedARVC Diagnosis ARVC in ImmediateRelatives?Notes
1Copper Hill's Crown Jewel, TT (Mia)8/17/2005Negative12/07 6 pvcs, 4 singles, 1 paircurrently clearno07 holter yielded one pair, 4 singles
    02/09 0 pvcs   
2Riley (Pryde & Tribute's Temple of Artemis11/3/2008Negative12/17/2009 0 pvcscurrently clear  
3CH Regal's Full of Ten Der Grace RA OJP- Ninya1/6/2005Negative08 5 single pvcscurrently clearnoneParent of #67, #68
    07 20 single pvcs   
    2012 10 single pvcs   
4Tienlung Tempest of Ardenvale4/2/2006Postive Homozygous11/13/07 94 pvcs, 92 singles, 1 pairaffected Littermate to Boxer#37
    03/24/08 66 pvcs, 66 singles 0 pairs   
    10/29/08 19,695 pvcs 183 pairs,   
    8 runs w/25 beats in run. 1 run of vtach   
    12/31/08 (on sotalol) 1186 singles, 1 pair   
    02/17/09 (on atenolol) 1363 pvcs, 1341 singles, 11 pairs   
    04/06/09 (added mexiletine) 1064 pvcs, 1 pair   
    09/06/09 (added amiodarone) 10 pvcs, no pairs no runs   
    12/29/09 2 pvcs no pairs   
5Barbary Lane September Rose 9/26/2003Postive Heterozygous11/17/07 1479 pvcs 2 pairsaffected  
    06/03/08 2824 pvcs 2 pairs (on sotalol)   
    07/15/08 2072 pvcs 0 pairs   
    08/09/08 0 pvcs (added mexiletine)   
    02/28/09 3 pvcs no pairs   
    09/07/09 3 pvcs no pairs   
    12/30/09 3 pvcs no pairs   
6Timbavati Castillion's Son 5/21/2004Negative2006 0 pvcs 02/27/09 8 pvcs no pairscurrently clear  
    11/16/07 0 pvcs   
    02/27/09 8 pvcs no pairs   
    09/08/09 3 pvcs (almost 5 1/2 years old)   
7Moosewoods Snazzy Jazz2/11/2005Postive Heterozygous05/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnone 
8Lemko's Shootin' Star at Rocket2/20/2008Negative2009 - 3 single pvcscurrently clearnone 
    2010 - 0 pvcs   
9Bluecollar's Starship Mercury4/13/2003Positive Heterozygous2006 - 6 single pvcs currently clearnone 
    2008 - 15 single pvcs, 11 singles, 1 run of 4   
    45 single pvcs   
10Sandcastle's Dream of the Archer7/19/2007Postive Homozygous12/28/09 63 pvcs, 60 singles, 1 triplet   
11CH Woodridge's Immaculate Conception2/20/2008Negative11/09 1 pvccurrently clearnone 
12Bruins Espresso by Stephlyn5/2/2006Positive Heterozygous03/09 3 singles currently clear Dam clear at time of death (holtered with 0 pvcs in 2004 and 2005)
       Sire currently clear
13Global's Let it be at Fairview (UK)7/7/2007Positive Homozygous2008 2 single pvcscurrently clearnoneLong lived lines.
    2009 1 single pvc  Sire is Boxer #32, dam is holtered clear
14CH Faerdorn Dust Buster (UK)9/5/2003Positive Homozygous06/30/06 2 single pvcscurrently clearnoneLong lived lines. None in pedigree died of ARVC.
    11/18/06 14 single pvcs  Sire is 13 yrs, dam is 10 yrs
    01/18/08 0 pvcs  Six offspring holtered (0, 0 ,0 ,0, 2 and 3 single pvcs)
    11/22/08 12 single pvcs  and currently clear of ARVC
    08/11/09 1 single pvc (5 yrs 11mo. old)  Littermate to Boxer #15
    04/06/10- 2 single pvc's   
15Faerdorn Dust Devil (UK)9/5/2003Positive Homozygous10/22/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnoneLong lived lines. None in pedigree died of ARVC.
    03/20/07 0 pvcs  Sire is 13 yrs, dam is 10 yrs
       Three offspring holtered with 0 pvcs
       Thee grandchildren holtered with 0 pvcs
       Littermate to Boxer #14
       ***Necropsy confirmed ARVC clear
16CH Brush Hill's Head Honcho3/1/2001Positive Heterozygous10/04 2 single pvcsaffectedyesDied 11/09
    5/06 62 pvcs, 57 singles, 2 pairs, 1 run of three beats  Parents lived 9+ years
    07/07 34 single pvc's  Was on heart meds
    2/09 (after syncope) 289 pvcs, 8 couplets, 2 runs with seven beats  A son was diagnosed with/died of ARVC
17Brush Hill and LL's Star Spangled6/1/2002Negative2006 0 pvcs currently clearnoneSire lived 9yrs, dam lived 10yrs
    1st holter (unknown date) 0 pvcs   
18Brush Hill's Hanky Panky6/1/2002Negative02/06 88 single pvcscurrently clearnoneSire lived 9yrs, dam lived 10.9 yrs
19Brush Hill's Hot Topic7/1/2004Negative12/07 3 single pvcscurrently clearnoneSire lived 13+ years, dam is Boxer #17
    11/09 31 pvcs, 28 singles, 1 run of three beats  Cardiologist read 09 holter and said run insignificant
20LL & Brush Hill's Hot Ticket7/1/2004Positive Heterozygous10/08 9475 singles, 33 pairs, 2 runs with eight beatsaffectednone knownSire lived 13+ years, dam is Boxer #17. On hearts meds
    12/11/09 37 single pvcs   
21Brush Hill's Tell It to the Judge6/1/2004Postive Heterozygous05/08 647 pvcs, 642 singles, 2 pairs, 1 run of three beatscurrently clearnone knownDam is Boxer #18
    10/08 35 single pvcs  Put on thyroid meds after 08 holter
22Landfall's Sumthin's Up at Brush Hill10/1/2006Postive Heterozygous03/08 1 single pvccurrently clearnone 
    10/09 0 pvcs   
23CH Brush Hill's All Riled Up6/1/2006Negative02/08 0 pvcscurrently clearnone 
24Salgray's Kindred Spirit2/20/2002Positive Heterozygous09/26/06 135 pvcs, 129 singles, 3 pairscurrently clear Dam lived 12yrs
25Salgray's Tea for Two2/12/2004Positive Homozygous3/22/07 26 single pvcscurrently clearnoneDam holtered @ 6yrs, 1 single pvc, died of cancer at 7yrs
26Salgray's Gift of Gab8/20/2005Postive Heterozygous01/16/08 0 pvcscurrently clearnoneSire lived 12 yrs, dam is Boxer# 24
27Salgray's Spice Girl12/5/2006Postive Homozygous05/17/08 8 single pvcscurrently clearnoneSire died at 8yrs/congestive heart failure, dam is Boxer #25
28Salgray's Remington9/1/2007Postive Heterozygous09/17/08 0 pvcscurrently clearnoneDam is Boxer #25
29Salgray's Starshine v. Lemko2/20/2008Negative01/21/10 3 single pvcscurrently clearnone 
30Salgray's Smarty Marty12/5/2006Postiive Homozygous10/15/07 13 single pvcscurrently clearnoneLittermate of Boxer #27
31Brandiwine If By Chance at Minstrel1/15/2009Positive Heterozygous01/27/10 0 pvcscurrently clearnoneSire is 12.5yrs/holtered clear, Dam has had two holters w/ 0pvcs
32Global Mayhem at Minstrel3/6/2006Positive Homozygous03/28/07 0 pvcscurrently clearnoneSire of Boxer#13
33CH Faerdon Alchemy at Global11/9/2006Postive Heterozygous2009 0 pvcscurrently clearnone 
34Foxwood's Radiance at Cove's Edge4/23/1999Positive Homozygous02/10 3 single pvcs (almost 11 years old!!!)currently clearnone 
35Willow9/1/2007Negative2009 6,124 pvcsaffectednoneHas grade 6 mumur and 6.6m/s flow rate on last echo
       Father is ARVC pos/het, mother not tested (died of lymphoma prior to test being available)
       Both parents have/had normal holters/echos
36Timbavati's Fra Giovanni3/7/2007Positive Heterozygous02/05/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnone 
37Tielung's Global Fire Storm4/2/2006Positive Homozygous10/30/07 0 pvcs, 0 pausescurrently clearlitter sister affectedSire is 10yrs (his diagnosis unknown)
    10/30/08 0 pvcs, 0 pauses  Dam is currently clear of ARVC
    02/05/10 0 pvcs, 0 pauses  Littermate to Boxer#4
38U-Ch Sherwood's Tristan of Camelot, CD, RE, AX, MXJ, 11/8/2006Negative03/09/09 0 pvcscurrently clear  
39CH Raintree's Sweet Dreams4/24/2007Negative10/10/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnone knownSAS cleared by cardiologist
40Tadd's Ruby in the Skye, CD, RA, CGC, TDI 8/1/2004Negative2006 0 pvcscurrently clear Echox2 Grade 1 murmur, flow rate 1.7m/s
    2007 0 pvcs   
    2009 2 single pvcs   
41CH Lando Tadd's Kiss Me Once Again, RN, CGC6/10/2006Positive Heterozygous2008 0 pvcscurrently clear Echo Grade 1 murmur, flow rate 1.8m/s
    2009 3 single pvcs   
42Espirit Femme Fatale Klansted8/22/2004Negative04/06 0 pvcscurrently clearnone 
    04/08 0 pvcs   
    12/09 2 single pvcs   
43Espirit Painted Dream Byrstalle 6/8/2007Postive Heterozygous4/09 1 single pvccurrently clearnone 
44CH Draymia's Imposing Force5/10/2003Positive Heterozygous07/04 0 pvcscurrently clear  
    01/06 1 single pvc   
    10/09 2 single pvc's   
45Draymia's Wind Seeker, CD5/6/2002Positive Heterozygous08/03 3 single pvc's currently clear  
    12/04 1 single pvc   
    01/06 2 single pvc's   
    10/09 20 single pvc's   
    02/06 11 single pvc's   
46CH Jestic's After the Storm 8/26/2007Negative11/08 8 single pvc'scurrently clear  
    08/09 0 pvcs  Sire is Boxer#45
47CH Jestic's Synchronicity11/4/2007Negative02/08 0 pvcscurrently clear  
    06/09 0 pvcs   
48CH TADD'S Armed and Dangerous6/12/2008Negative08/07/09 0 pvcscurrently clear  
49Vintage's Necessary Evil7/7/2007Negative09/09 0 pvcscurrently clear  
50Chelsey v Hofmannstal2/20/2008Negative03/10/10 1 single pvccurrently clearnone knownSire and Dam ARVC Mut-1 Negative
51Am/Can CH Robinson's Humdinger7/24/2004Negative06/05 5 singlescurrently clearnone known 
    02/07 0 pvcs   
    08/09 23 singles, 2 pairs   
52CH Oak Knoll's Justice For All8/24/2005Negative08/07 2 single pvc'scurrently clearnone known 
    04/10 7 single pvc's   
53Ladyhawk's Reason To Dance4/21/2003Positive Heterozygous04/06 0 pvc'scurrently clearnone knownSire lived 12yrs (DM)
    04/07 1 single pvc  sire of #55, #56, #61 #62
    05/08 3 single pvc's   
    07/09 10 single pvc's   
    04/10 104 single, 1 pair   
54CH Olympic's Softly Spoken5/19/2007Negative02/09 4 singe pvccurrently clearnone knownSire will be 11 in July 2010
    08/09 2 single pvc's  Dam is #55, Grandsire is #53
55Olympic's Mischief At The Dance9/11/2005Negative08/06 2 single pvc'scurrently clearnone knownSire is #53, littermate to #56, Dam of #54
    11/07 0 pvc's   
    05/10 1 single pvc   
56Oympic's Dream Of Avance9/11/2005Positive Heterozygous04/07 0 pvcscurrently clearnone knownSire is #53, littermate to #55
    03/08 0 pvcs  Dam of #57 and #58
    04/09 8 single pvc's   
57Olympic's Queen Of Hearts5/30/2008Negative09/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnone knownDam is #56, littermate to#58, Grandsire is #53
58Olympic's Bet The House5/30/2008Postive Heterozygous02/10 6 single pvc'scurrently clearnone knownDam is #56, littermate to#57, Grandsire is #53
59Olympic's Reflection Of A Dream11/6/2008Negative05/10 3 single pvc'scurrently clearnone knownSire is #53 littermate is #60
60Olympic's Shattered Dreams11/6/2008Negative5/10 13 single pvc'scurrently clearnone knownSire is #53 littermate is #59
61FRF's Starr Of The Dance7/25/2008Negative12/09 0 pvcscurrently clearnone knownSire is #53, dam is #64
62Moon Valley Who Knew10/17//2007Negative10/08 0 pvcscurrently clearnone known 
    09/09 56 single pvc's   
63 Princess Gertrude Mariposa 3/22/2004Positive Heterozygous02/10 19 single pvc'scurrently clearnone known 
64FRF Royal Starr Postive Heterozygous06/09 2 single pvc'scurrently clearnone knownDam of #61
65Country Time's a Flicker of Light3/8/2008Postive Homozygous06/1/10 816 singles, 1 tripletpending  
66Suromar Charlies Angel6/5/2009clear by parentage07/11 0 pvc'scurrently clear  
    11/12 0 pvc's   
67Cedarlin's Regal Beginnings6/15/2009Negative2012 2 pvc'scurrently clearnone knownOffpsring of #3
68Cedarlin's Graceful Beginnings6/15/2009Negative2012 0 pvc'scurrently clearnone knownOffpsring of #3
69Can CH Cinnrhee Pokerface Heartacre12/16/2010Negative01/2012 - 0 vpc'scurrently clearnone known 
70Can CH Cinrrhee Heartacre Raisin Kane8/15/2009Negative01/2012 - 17 single vpc'scurrently clearnone known